Skills for Managing the Arts: Open Educational Resources and Experiential Learning in Support of Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment in the Arts and Creative Sector (SMART)

SMART project is motivated by the belief that development of the target regions’ creative economies can contribute to youth job creation and the fight against youth poverty and exclusion. For their potential to be unleashed, youth work should provide adequate high-quality training in arts management, arts marketing and creative entrepreneurship for youth outside formal education systems. 

Project lifetime:
01.03.2016 – 31.08.2018
SMART stands for:

The SMART project is a joint initiative of 6 organizations (2 youth NGOs, a university, an umbrella organization of NGOs, a National Youth Council and a private arts company).

The project’s overall objective is to promote collaborative development, dissemination and wide utilization of innovative Open Educational Resources (OERs) and training methods in arts and creative sector management and entrepreneurship, in view of building  youth workers’ and youth organizations’ capacity to foster youth  inclusion, youth employment, and youth-led community and social impact driven initiatives.

Project activities and deliverables:

The Project started in March 2016 and continued 18 months, during which an integrated complex of activities was realized.

Some of the activities included: 

  •  a training and educational resource development activity focused on skills development in arts management, creative sector entrepreneurship and social impact driven arts-based initiatives
  • 3 training activities based on a learning-by-doing methods of training by involving trainees in the management of real-world art events implemented by the consortium members
  • development of sustainable web-based inventories of youth arts and culture resources;
  • introduction of a sustainable mentoring scheme for upcoming artists and ambitious arts managers and administrators
  •  a series of local training of trainers workshops.
  • International Institute of Management, Bulgaria
  • University of Budapest, Hungary
  • National Youth Council, Namibia
  • TEARS Group, Kenya
  • Council of incorrect organizations of Ngamiland, Kenya
  • Society for Living Literature, Word and Sound, South Africa

Project 2015-3612/ 001-001, This project has been co-funded by Erasmus + Programe with support from the European Commission. Capacity building in the sphere of youth activities – cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices of the European Commission.