Integrated Model for Activation of Professional and Personal Employment and Social Participation Skills : PROFIL 

Duration of this project:
15.04.2017 – 15.12.2018
What is PROFIL and it's goal?

The main goal of the PROFIL project is to better the quality of life and labour market participation of families with disabled children, by broadening the employability possibilities, bettering the motivation for labour activities, development of a person and professional skills and ensuring effective communication with the employers. 

The emphasis is on the development of personal employment skills and digital competencies because they orient the beneficiaries to activities and areas that allow work from home, autonomous working hours and self-employment.

What is the influence of PROFIL?

The starting date for the project was 15 April 2017. It will be completed within 20 months period. The main activities of the project include:  

    • Development of an integrated model for rehabilitation and development of professional and personal skills aiming at recovering the labour activity and employability.   
    • Ensuring part-time services for children with disabilities for a period of 12 months. 30 parents of children with disabilities, who possess educational qualifications and are willing to participate in the labour market, will be selected. Part-time care for their children will be ensured for a period of 12 months, which will allow them to participate in other project activities such as training, consulting and active job hunting. 
    • Training and consulting in two courses: “Personal skills for employability” and “Digital Marketing and Blogging”  for the parents of children with disabilities (30 parents in total)
    • Ensuring employment of 10 people from the pilot group of 30 parents 
    • The anti-discrimination campaign, which aims at elevating the discrimination from employers towards parents or caretakers of disabled children. According to the projects plan a number of events, discussions, labour markets, and shooting of a film, aiming at spreading awareness and changing the social perception of parents of children with disabilities, will be organized throughout this campaign. 


Who was PROFIL for:

The target group for this project are unemployed and inactive people – parents or members of a family, who are within the working-age and poses educational qualifications, and who are taking care of disabled children. Another target group for the goals of this project are disabled children, who live within the borders of Varna Municipality.  


International Institute of Management Association
E-Tours Ltd.
Joy for our children foundation


PROFILE project is funded by the European Social Fund of the European Union under the Operational Program “Human Resources Development” 2014-2020, Procedure “Active Inclusion”.