Encouraging Young Europeans to Vote out the EU Democratic Deficit


Project lifetime:
01.12.2013 – 30.11.2014
What is VOTE EU?

Developed and disseminated in the framework of the European Youth Passport  this project informs about important facts for the EU and the European Parliament (EP), the EP elections, as well as the rights and responsibilities of every Community citizen. The vision of the “passport” is reminiscent of a true European identity document and stimulates the European affiliation of its holder.

VOTE EU has the goal of promoting european civil citizenship in the existing and potential member countries of the Union, to encourage the participation of young european citizens in the democratic life of Europe and in particular to motivate them to participate in the European Parliament Selection by voting.

The project is a partnership initiative of 10 NGOs in Bulgaria, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

What is the contribution of VOTE EU?

The main element of the project’s programme was the organization of two role-playing games, during which the participants (young people) recreated the European Parliament elections. In Dobrich, Bulgaria the game lasted for 2 days and in Zadar, Croatia, the role-playing game lasted for one day. During those simulative events, the young participants bettered their knowledge for the European Union institutions, for their own rights as European citizens and for the possibilities for participation in the democratic life of the European Union and influencing the future of United Europe.   

The music festival under the motto “63 years are enough! Vote for your Europe of freedom and stability! ”

A discussion event held in Bosnia and Herzegovina compared the country’s main political currents to those of the European Union.

  • YouNet (Italy)
  • Work in Progress (Italy)
  • Youth4Youth (Italy)
  • European Home Slavonski Brod (Croatia)
  • Meritum Non-Formal Education Association (Poland)
  • Ratiu Democracy Foundation (Romania)
  • IPAK – Youth builds the future (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • YFE (Macedonia)
  • PRONI Center for Youth Development (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Project 2013 – 2833,  Program „Europe for its citizens” of the European Union.