Our enemy is corruption, not the government

Duration period:
December 2004 –  July 2006
What are the aims?:

The aim of the project was the non-governmental organizations on the territory of
Dobrich region to organize in a civic coalition in order to influence
on the municipal administrations in Dobrich, Kavarna, Toshevo, Shabla and Balchik
to achieve greater transparency in the spending of funds taxpayers in the field of public procurement. The specific measures of the effectiveness of the project is found in the four anti- corruption mechanisms to achieve transparency in the award of public procurement:
1. Methodologies for evaluation, monitoring and control of public procurement;
2. Training anti-corruption package;
3. Detailed access of citizens, media and consumers to information
for the award of public contracts;
4. Increasing transparency through institutional reforms.


In the course of the project, two regional conferences with 100 participants were held, three trainings were held with a total of 120 trainees, and the following publications were issued: Handbook on Public-Private Partnership, Handbook for Contractors in Public Procurement, Handbook on Access to Justice in Public Law. cases and Business Code for regional public-private partnership.

Better transparency and accountability in the work of municipalities has been achieved. Accumulated experience in analyzing the needs of municipalities and supporting their activities in the field of public procurement.

PHARE Project № BG 0204.02 “Civil Society Development” Contract № CSDP 2002-Lot2-037