Project “Culture for sustainable human development: Tackling youth unemployment through community-based cultural projects”

Socio-cultural and creative activities as a way to combat youth unemployment.
Challenge, unification and encouragement.

Duration of the project:
01.10.2013 – 30.09.2014
Aims of project YU-CULT:

The aim was to unite young people from Europe and Africa, encouraging them to take an active part in the cultural life of their communities, and thus to increase the potential for socio-cultural and creative activities as a way to combat youth unemployment. Direct participants in the project were 30 young people and 13 youth workers who took part in a three-day seminar in the South African capital Johannesburg in November 2013, as well as in a five-day youth academy held in Dobrich in June 2014.

What is the outcome of YU-CULT:

The young people had the opportunity not only to get to know each other, but also to discuss topics related to the role of culture, the use of social media, planning, management and financing of cultural projects. The debates were based on presentations given by experts from the project partner countries. What was learned during the two seminars was put into practice in two pilot cultural activities – an international youth festival and a video project. The festival provided a field for the talents of young people who presented songs, dances, poetry and theater, as well as their cuisine, preparing traditional dishes from their native places during a culinary exhibition within the festival.

Video of YU-CULT:

The young people also took part in a video project, which resulted in a DVD with 16 interviews, telling the stories of young people engaged in creative activities and sharing their experiences, achievements, as well as the difficulties they encountered along the way.

Yu-CULT movie Interviews
YU-CULT is a joint venture of the following organizations:
  • European Home Slavonski Brod (Croatia)
  • Junior Achievement JASA (South Africa)
  • Ngamiland NGO Council (Botswana)
  • TYSEN (Tanzania)
  • YouNet (Italy)

Project 2018-3794 / 001-001 is co-financed by the Erasmus + Program KD2, Capacity Building in the field of youth activities