VALEU: “Validation of immigrants’ professional skills and competencies in the tourism industry and services as a guarantee of integration into the European Union”

01.10.2010- 30.09.2012

The project “Validation of immigrants’ vocational skills and competencies in tourism and services as an integration warrant in the EU” (VALEU) aimed at creation of a pilot methodology for validation of vocational skills and competencies acquired through informal and non-formal learning related to it as a tool fostering integration of immigrants and mobile workers in the new EU member states.

VALEU's goals

The objectives of the project:

Facilitating the integration of immigrants and foreign workers in the countries of European Union troughout the creation of common methodology for the recognition and validation of professional qualifications and non-formal and informal learning.

Exchange of successful practices for validation of skills for the purposes of vocatioal education in the field of tourism and hospitality between the countries: Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark and Turkey.

Adaptation of newly developed methodology into an equalized system.

Project Activities

Project activities were focused on the following areas:

During the lifetime of this project current needs and opportunities for validation of accumulated in home country work experience were examined in order to achieve full integration of immigrants in the European labor market.

Next step was to create a procedure for validation and recognition of work experience and skills as a professional qualification in the field of tourism and hospitality. The creation of model for recognition training program had great importance for the core of VALEU.

Final deliverable was a demonstration of the practical applicability of the validation of background experiences and skills in the field of tourism and services.

Results & Deliverables

Аs a main product of VALEU projects this programme organises a practical guidance on the basis of a model procedure for validation of competencies acquired through informal and nonformal learning (predominantly through work experience and on-the-job trainings) that builds on the legislative and practical innovati in the VET systems of Denmark and Portugal following the EU policies on validation and the legislative opportunities that exist in the countries with
developing validation systems.



  • International Institute of Management (Bulgaria);
  • VTC at the International College (Bulgaria);
  • FIC (Denmark);
  • Braganca Polytechnic Institute (Portugal);
  • Ovidius Lyceum (Romania);
  • Mugla University (Turkey);

Project VALEU, № 2010-1-BG1-LEO05-03082. The project is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci Program of the European Union.

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