SE-HUB: Empowering Changemakers: Youth Social Entrepreneurship

SE-HUB stands for “Empowering Change makers: Youth Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in the Citizen Sector” – an international project that supports youth and youth organizations in becoming more aware and skilled to lead social entrepreneurial ventures and to apply social innovations in their communities. In the end, the project will improve the effectiveness of youth work and will fostering the viability of youth organisations.

15.12.2018 – 15.06.2020
What is SE-HUB:

Projects’ main goal is to build the capacity of EU youth organizations and partner countries to raise awareness and build skills for the development of youth social enterprises, as well as for the adoption of socially innovative entrepreneurial approaches in non-profit work in the civil sector to promote positive and long-term social change that improves the effectiveness of youth work and promotes the viability of youth organizations.


In the long run, the project will improve the effectiveness of youth work and help youth organizations become financially independent and viable.


The SE-HUB is implemented with the support of the European Commission’s Erasmus + program.

What is the influence of SE-HUB:

SE-HUB was implemented in Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Namibia and South Africa. During the lifetime of this project a variety of training materials and tools for young people and youth workers interested in social entrepreneurship and careers in the civil sector were created.

Our main outputs are:

      • Capacity-building activities such as training of trainers and non-traditional experiential capacity building with the involvement of disadvantaged youth (with disabilities, NEETs, etc.). In that SE-HUB will test and disseminate two novel practical training methods – peer coaching and blended learning;
      • Training materials and a database of good practices in the field of SE and social innovation in the citizen sector presented through OERs and a MobileApp;
      • Establishment of Social Innovation Training Hubs in the project countries, connected in a SE-HUB Network;
      • Local multiplier training.

You could find more info here, as well as on the social media pages.


SE-HUB е съвместно начинание на две европейски, две латиноамерикански и две африкански организации, които иматзад гърба си по няколко успешно реализирани социални инициативи:

Project 2018-3794 / 001-001 is co-financed by the Erasmus + Program KD2, Capacity Building in the field of youth activities.