Sustainable development through the eyes of young people

Duration period:
01.12.2009 – 30.11.2010

The concept of the project was based on uniting young people through their common interests, creativity and imagination to express a personal position on current topics. This creates preconditions for a deeper understanding of the complexity of society, as well as opportunities for more active involvement in creating a balance between social, economic and natural wealth and the preservation of cultural, traditional and religious values.


In an organized online competition for selecting the target group of the project
More than 250 young people from 6 countries took part, posting more than 350 photos on “Sustainable Development”. The selected 24 young people took part in a kind of “Green School”, which took place in April 2010 and focused on current topics of ecology, environmental protection and its resources, the fight against poverty and much more. The young people also took part in another type of training – making films. Leading experts from Germany taught young people important materials related to video shooting, video editing, and generating film ideas. The young people had the opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with peers from other countries, which further broadened their horizons and promoted tolerance between
different values.

Continuation of this theme of the project, in September, 2010 was organized a film festival in Dobrich, where the creators were presented from trained youth movies.

More info about the project

The project involves 480 young people from 6 countries – Bulgaria, Germany, France, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and South Africa. They will undergo training in media coverage and editing of journalistic reports. They will learn to use the technical tools of cinema and photography. As a result, participants will show their works at an international film festival and photography exhibition.


This project is a joint venture of the following organizations:

  • Burgerhaus Benohaus, Arbeitskreis Ostviertel e.V (Germany)
  • AMSED (France)
  • Junior Achievement South Africa – JASA (South Africa)
  • NGO “FAOL” (Uzbekistan)
  • Kainar University (Kazakhstan)

Project 2009 – 3520, Youth in Action Program of the European Union