The VALORIZE project creates a pilot practice for assessing and validating the skills of immigrants with secondary vocational and higher education, so that they are provided with employment opportunities in the specialty and full participation in the labor market in the host countries.

Project lifetime:
01.09.2014 – 31.08.2016
The aim of the project was to develop a package of tools to assess and promote migrants’ personal skills, which would allow them to better integrate into the EU labor market and access better paid jobs corresponding to their formal education.
This package includes four main products:
1) Framework and scale for assessment of personal skills according to the requirements of employers;
2) model for assessment of personal skills – MOSSA;
3) model for training in personal skills – MOSSE;
4) a model for promoting soft skills, including by creating personal portfolios and online profiles – MOSP.
The models are interdisciplinary and can be adapted to assess and build personal skills for better employment of students in the system of secondary and higher education with a variety of professional orientations. Each product contains a pedagogical model, a guide for organizing the activity, a structure and models of documents (including examination and training materials), which can be introduced directly by the training institutions and the intermediary agencies.
How does VALORIZE contribute?
The emphasis is on the so-called personal or “soft skills”.
Soft skills are qualities, personality traits and social skills that complement a purely professional qualification. Many employment experts recommend improving soft skills through further education or specialized training. Having the right balance of hard and soft skills is one way to level the playing field in a competitive labour market.
The project envisages the development of four intellectual products (methodologies and models for skills assessment), six international seminars and six national conferences to present the results.
  • Casa di Carita Foundation, Italy
  • Union for Interdisciplinary Education and Consultation ESS, Austria
  • Greta du Velay, Hotel France
  • Friedrich-Alexander University, Germany
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • Center for International Training at the Trade Wage of Turin, Italy

Project 2014-1-IT02-KA204-003515, Erasmus + Program, Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Adult Education.