Sustainable development is not only up to world leaders.

We can all do something for more prosperous, inclusive and resilient world.

The International Management Institute is committed to promoting fundamental change for a better future. It provides tools and empowers the change-makers.

Successful international and national projects
Experts in a network

We started in 1993. We have teamed up with more than 20 organisations from 5 continents to produce:

We work with partners from all sectors to:

Promote interdisciplinary research, technology transfer and innovation in practice

Improve the quality of formal and non-formal education and training at all levels

Foster knowledge and skills to secure the green transition of the economy and society

Support young people to be more active and informed participants in societal processes

Assist vulnerable communities in their integration, skill development, and enhancement of their quality of life

The topics we work on are:

Our successful initiatives:

We create and support valuable ideas that contribute to the development of society, the economy and the individual.